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The Oklahoma Municipal League provides library and reference services to its members.  OML does not give legal advice or act as a legal advisor.  Please discuss all legal matters with and follow the advice of your city or town attorney.

Staff legal counsel provide information and assistance to city attorneys, draft legislation and file amicus curiae briefs on behalf of member cities and towns in cases of general interest to Oklahoma cities and towns.




Economic Development


OE Program Launches Guide to Help Cities Go Solar

Saving Energy Saves Money
by Jim Giebel - With permission from Minnesota Cities, a publication of the League of Minnesota Cities, copyright 2009.

Recycling: The Missing Piece of the Resource Conservation Puzzle
- with permission from SD Municipal League

- Legal Issues Presented by Municipalities’ Pursuit of a More Sustainable Built Environment and Use of the LEED® Standard By John McGowan, Esq.

Digital deadline: Where will the old televisions go?
- Reprinted with permission from the Municipal Association of South Carolina

Mark Tomb's Best Practices Article May '08


Human Resources


Tenth Circuit Immigration Ruling Impacts Municipal Contractors

Sexual Harassment: Be Aware of Questionable Conduct in the Workplace

Special Report: City of Spencer Fire Chief Case

PERB Reversed on Probationary Employees Right to Arbitration

NLC Participates in Fire and EMS Mobilization Study

Federal Issues

Training time outside work hours: Is it compensable?

Understanding and Implementing the ADAAA

Changes to the Family Medical Leave Act

Supreme Court Rules in Ricci v. DeStefano

Supreme Court Hears Employment Discrimination Case
FLSA Child Labor Regulations

2009 COBRA Premium Amendments

COBRA and Employees Guns

Fair Pay Act, Retirement Changes and Proposed Firefighter Standards

Update: New Legal Developments Affect Employers with Employees In The Military

Mental Health Parity Legislation Becomes Law

EEOC Guidelines on Caregiving Duties

ADA Amendments Act of 2008

Federal FMLA Amendments

The ADA and Your Website

US Supreme Court Refuses To Apply Class of One Theory of Equal Protection To Public Employment
by Garrett A. Baxter, Esq. from The Municipal Assisstance Center of the Vermont League of Cities and Towns

EEOC Issues Guidance on Family Caregiving Responsibilities Discrimination

Employee Use of Cell Phones

HR 980 - Proposed Federal Bargaining Act

State Labor Law

Principles of Waiver of Statutory Rights

Legal Problems With Paid Time Off?

The Garrity Warning and Public Employees
- Article from the April 2009 Kansas Government Journal. Reprinted with permission from the League of Kansas Municipalities.

Summary of Fire and Police Arbitration Act

Signed copy of new PERB rules

Immigration and Firefighter Issues

Questions and Answers: Revised Form I-9, Employment Eligibility Verification Effective

Immigration Developments

NFPA 1710 Fire Standard Changes Move Forward

Firefighter Salary Continuation

Fire Protection Standards

Attention Personnel Departments: I-9 Form Revisions

Immigration Update

Court Stops Municipal Duties Under 2007 Immigration Act

General HR Issues

Taking the right steps toward succession planning
from the North Dakota League

Questions, questions – getting the best answers from applicants
from the North Dakota League

The Cost of Downsizing
- With Kind Permission from Indiana Association of Cities and Towns

City Workforce of the Future: The Next Generation


Tort of Wrongful Discharge

Employment Legislative Report

Motivate Employees
from SD Municipal League, with Permission

IACT Lay-Off Article
by E. Nelson Chipman

Employee Voting Rights

When Its Time To Let Go

Religious Expression in the Municipal Workplace

The Next Generation Reprinted with permission from Minnesota Cities, a publication of the League of Minnesota Cities, copyright 2008

Initiative Cautions Against Tapping Into Retirement Plans - NLC

Open Meetings Act


Public Officials