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DEQ Rulemaking

OML Supports ODEQ Obtaining Primacy Over Three New Public Water Supply System Rules 

 Posted 2/13/13

As a follow up to the OML/OMUP Water Summit held last Friday and discussion with attendees and EPA representatives in attendance, OML wishes to reaffirm our position on this issue.  The Oklahoma Municipal League supports ODEQ obtaining primacy on these 3 rules.  At the same time, the OML Board of Directors’ policy is that any proposed fee increases to municipal and other public water supply systems must be justified.   In regards to the $1.5 Million increase in state appropriations ODEQ is seeking from the state legislature, OML does not have a position on this request.  Click here to access a comprehensive copy of OML’s final proposal.  It is important municipal officials communicate with their legislators on this issue throughout the session.

DEQ Fees

Governor Says NO to DEQ Fees
You spoke and the Governor listened. OML was advised by the Governor’s Office today that the Governor has disapproved DEQ’s rule proposing massive fee increases for most municipal public water supply systems.

Proposed DEQ Fee Increases

Major DEQ Fee Increases

Public water supply systems will be faced with significant fee increases if, as expected, a proposed rule is adopted by the DEQ Board on Friday, February 24, 2012.  Click here to read more.

OML's Letter against DEQ fee inceases to the Governor

DEQ Rulemaking