Governor Says NO to DEQ Fees

You spoke and the Governor listened. OML was advised by the Governor’s Office today that the Governor has disapproved DEQ’s rule proposing massive fee increases for most municipal public water supply systems.

The rule will not become effective unless both houses of the Legislature approve it through a joint resolution. Although OML will remain watchful, there does not appear to be any sentiment among legislators for this fee increase.

From the beginning of the legislative session, OML has pursued a 3-fold initiative in opposition of the DEQ rule:

  • Get the word out to you, our members, that onerous increases had been adopted by the DEQ Board;
  • Work through the Governor’s process to highlight the negative financial impact on your budgets and ratepayers;
  • Inform legislators about the consequences of allowing these fee increases to go into effect.

Please express your thanks to the Governor for her bold action. Also, we wish to give special appreciation to Rep. Earl Sears (R-Bartlesville),who has been a vigilant opponent of these fees, and Secretary of the Environment Gary Sherrer, who made a personal commitment to resolve the funding issue as an alternative to the rule’s huge jump in fees. They have given strong support on your behalf.


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